Smart home buying

We Have Smart Homes-Why Not a Smart Home Buying Process?

Technology has made it possible to upgrade the intelligence levels of our vehicles and our homes. We can control our heating and air while on vacation in another state, or regulate who comes into our homes through recognition software.

However, because different companies make these products, it can be difficult to manage several smart-home features at once. Management systems have sprung up to solve this problem, enabling ease of use and establishing a more secure network across all platforms.

Ease of use and a more secure network across all platforms? Sounds like something the mortgage industry could use. What if there were a platform that could reduce the effort, errors and delays that currently plague the mortgage process?

A “smart” mortgage home buying process can change all of this.


Every person and organization is vetted before they join the ATS Secured platform. Instead of using a separate encrypted email system, secure messaging and document sharing can be done right from the platform. Documents can be viewed and edited by permitted parties, and alerts notify appropriate individuals when a document needs to be reviewed or signed. Payments on the loan file can also be made right from your account.

Having all of these actions on a mortgage file in one place creates an automatic audit trail for regulatory purposes.

Smart cars and smart homes have been life-changing innovations. Smart mortgage closings can change an entire industry.

Discover ATS Secured’s innovation for the mortgage industry, which brings lenders and settlement agents together to increase volume and mitigate risk.
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