data breach risk

Data Breach Frostbite: The Danger of Being Numb to the News

When the news broke in December 2016 that 1 billion Yahoo accounts had been hacked, it affected most if not all Yahoo users, according to experts.

And yet, life goes on, right? When hacks get into the billions, peoples’ eyes start to roll back in their heads. We can’t comprehend the scale, so we become numb to it. It’s like frostbite—where the real danger starts when we’re tired, cold and can’t feel anything.

We change our passwords, check our transaction history, and then forget about it. Sure, it’s frustrating to think that our personal information could be on a hacker’s database—but they don’t seem to be doing anything with it. And besides, the information they got probably wasn’t so sensitive, anyway.

Even banking transactions affecting our very livelihoods are assumed safe, despite all the sensitive information involved. So we start thinking, “maybe being hacked isn’t such a dangerous thing as it’s made out to be.”

But don’t let data-breach “frostbite” catch you unawares. Your personal information could be stolen with a few clicks on a keyboard. And once that information is in someone else’s hands, they can hold it for years, lulling you into a false sense of security.

Data breach riskBut if we do not rage against the dying of data privacy, if we do not take a vested interest in protecting ourselves, what might the results be? Frozen financial information? Amputated bank accounts? Missing identities?

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