Mortgage team

Boost Your Mortgage Team’s Morale with Automated Compliance

ATS Secured can help bring a sense of community and teamwork to your processes and policies around mortgage closings. With our technology and vetted network of mortgage professionals, compliance tasks can be automated and easily verified.

Establishing a Trusted Network

It all starts with verifying that those you work with are trustworthy. ATS Secured empowers you to do this by letting you choose only verified partners on our network—and inviting your trusted partners to join the network as well. A verification shield appears on the profiles of members and organizations that have proven their identity and are up to date on certifications.

Automated Vendor Management

Our vendor management tool allows you to further categorize vendors and partners into risk tiers. You’ll get automatic notifications when vendor licenses or contracts are set to expire. These notifications are customizable as well, so you can determine what you want to be reminded about.

Worried that a fourth party vendor doesn’t have proper cybersecurity measures and policies? You can send them a compliance form to sign, right from the platform, to ensure they do.

ATS Secured lets you focus on managing relationships with vendors, instead of worrying about the logistics or organization of vendor management—so you can enjoy your job.

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