Mortgage compliance

Looking to Reduce Mortgage Compliance Risk?

If you want to reduce mortgage compliance risk but are struggling with errors on the Closing Disclosure, or if you’re worried that service providers on loans are making compliance mistakes, you need to face those concerns head on.

But how do you do it—really?

Technology is the buzzword du jour in the mortgage industry. It’s all about that digital check, e-closing, process tracking or other tools that aim to make a closing smoother and error-free.

But make no mistake: technology is not the solution be-all, end-all solution for compliance risk. It’s simply the tool that can empower individuals and companies in the supply chain. It’s your weapon for attacking noncompliance.

ATS Secured has affordable, no-nonsense tools to alleviate pain points in your mortgage compliance risk management plan.

Think of us as your arsenal. We can help you overcome mortgage compliance risk, on a budget that even community banks can afford.

Some of our tools include:

The ONLY verified vendor network

Never worry about vendor management again. Add your trusted vendors and new ones. Customize risk tiers and schedule alerts for vendors to upload new credentials.

Track mortgage process in real time

All parties and actions are tracked and instantly auditable, proving regulatory compliance, reducing errors, mitigating fraud and adding value to the secondary market.

Exchange, sign + store docs

Central hub for mortgage documents. Give permissions to edit, view or digitally sign. See changes in real time.

Reduce your costs & closing times

Eliminate redundancies. Less data entry, real-time updates for all parties, and streamlined consensus on data.

Superior security

Transparent, error-free data. Every person and business is verified. Integration with your current software (if needed).

Easy, direct payments. Insured disbursements.

Send and receive payments (digital check, ACH or wire) right from your ATS Secured account. Indemnified disbursements. E-filings.

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