Mortgage loans

We Simplified Mortgage Loans By Asking “Why Not?”

After the 2008 mortgage crisis, ATS Secured asked why it happened and came up with a solution for mortgage loans to keep another crisis from happening.

Problems need solutions—and solutions need problems so they can be created. When the right problem intersects with the right solution, you may have the makings of a revolutionary product. That’s what we believe ATS Secured has created.

We Realized The Mortgage Process Was Too Complex

Mortgages have many parties creating disparate data that can lead to errors and fraud. With TRID regulations now requiring greater due diligence on loan data and third-party risk, investors have become wary of buying loans that may be riddled with errors—and now the industry’s liquidity is at risk as well.

Our solution simplifies the entire process, allowing for all parties to collaborate on ONE digital loan file that reduces workloads, errors and fraud, and creates transparency and value to the secondary market.

Can Mortgage Loans Be Simplified?

When you ask why things are the way they are in response to a problem, it takes a “why not?” approach to find a solution. That’s how ATS Secured’s mortgage software solution was born. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more.