White Paper:

TRID LIABILITY FOR INVESTORS – How TRID Matters To The Secondary Market

Mortgage Lenders:

Learn how to make your loans more valuable to the secondary market.

Mortgage Investors:

Learn to reduce your risk of liability under TRID.

By Richard Horn (former CFPB Senior Counsel & Special Advisor who led the creation of TRID),
Rachel Bell and Kevin Kelker.

White Paper:

You Can Achieve Vendor Management Success in a Post-TRID World

Lenders and Settlement Agents:

Your vendor management responsibilities and regulatory expectations are proving more complex—and costly—than ever.

Get relief, with guidance from a former CFPB regulator on safely navigating:

» Liability

» Responsibility for disclosures

» The true definition of “service provider”

» The most important CFPB and TILA-RESPA rule expectations

» Risk assessment and planning

» Accuracy of disclosures and permissible changes

Presented by:

Ben Olson, partner at BuckleySandler LLP, former Deputy Assistant Director for the Office of Regulations at
the CFPB. He has extensive experience providing guidance on regulatory requirements and led the development of the mortgage disclosure rule and forms.

Wes Miller, CEO of ATS Secured, a leader in software development and business strategy including financial and operational excellence. He has extensive experience developing and marketing both core and ancillary products for the mortgage and title industries.