How should we (Title Co.) handle the situations where the lender is directing us to prepare the CD in a way that we know is incorrect?

We’ve actually seen this some, where you know the lender will do theirs and then we’ll do ours and we try to reconcile them and they’re just off, and I think the occasions where we’ve had that, if anything I think they’ve usually deferred to ours. It hasn’t been wide scale, I’d say just probably a handful of situations, but I think you’ve got to document and keep copies of whatever you have because clearly, if you read a lot of these closing instructions now, they’re trying to shift as much blame and liability and responsibility to us (Title) as they can so we need to make certain that we do the best job we can and try to be in conformity with what the rule provides for, but at the end of the day it is their form so with their form, we need to do an adequate job of protecting ourselves, and our own interests.

Answered By: Brent Laliberte