My office still has Windows XP Professional running on three of the computers. Is this risky, I would rather not spend the money to upgrade if I don’t have to.

You need to unplug them from your network ASAP please. After 12 years of running great, XP came to an End of Life April 8th of 2014. That means for the most part, there are no updates being sent out from Microsoft to keep your systems patched as vulnerabilities are found. If you are a large shop, you have options of purchasing support and tailoring things to your needs a bit more. But for the smaller shop, it’s more fiscally prudent to upgrade. Realistically you’re looking at spending $199 to upgrade from Windows XP to a newer version. However, you can get a brand new desktop running Windows 8.1 for not much more than that. Amazon, Best Buy, and even stores like WalMart have desktops in the $200-$300 range that are all built with the newest technologies, hardware and software. If you think about it, the current desktop computer that you have is at least 5 years old, more likely closer to 7 or more. That’s the time that we look to possibly purchase new cars, we cycle through our cell phones every year or two…so why would we not make another investment in our company that will last for many more years to come?