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Don’t Judge Monday By Friday’s Efforts

It’s Monday, and chances are, you’re feeling like the week ahead will have you in the weeds. Many people set critical deadlines for the beginning of the week (mistake #1), taking them from the weekend to overdrive in 60 seconds or less, with so many issues cropping up in their to-do gardens that they are completely overwhelmed. Or they think about what went wrong last week (mistake #2), and actually carry that feeling of failure in to the week ahead.

Don’t lose heart! You have a lot of time left to make changes, and those changes come from the “seeds” you plant today.

Here Are Three Ways to Make Mondays Successful:

1. Focus On the Solution, Not the Problem.

According to Psychology Today, “the single biggest factor that impacts success of goals is to realize that what you focus on expands.”

When you focus on avoiding something (that tough conversation with a coworker or client, that stack of invoices you need to approve) it will haunt you that much longer. The key is to focus on the opposing force of the problem: the solution.

Focus on how well a conversation could go and how relieved you’ll feel afterward, or how facing a dreary task will set you up for more pleasurable experiences the rest of the week.

2. Switch Monday work deadlines to another day.

If you can, switch work deadlines to another day so you have more time to get everything done without feeling panicked the moment you arrive at the office. If you’re scheduling important meetings on Monday, see if you can move those to another day as well.

3. Schedule Something To Look Forward To On Mondays. 

Of course Mondays are not going to be fun if you don’t have anything to look forward to except the long work week ahead. Go to lunch with a friend, commute to the office with someone you enjoy spending time with, or start your day with a task you really enjoy.

If you can’t schedule something fun into your actually 9-to-5 workday, try creating an after-work ritual like movie night or pizza night.

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