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Don’t let Mortgage Industry Regulations Get You Down

With all the media coverage these days around TRID mortgage compliance, you may feel like you are living in a movie trailer narrated by Don la Fontaine:

For the mortgage industry, the movie trailer voiceover might go something like this:

  • “In a land where mortgage compliance is the ultimate force, one title agent must risk it all….” Or:
  • “In the aftermath of a regulatory apocalypse, a lone community lender is in a race against time . . .”

But in all seriousness, complying with TRID and all other industry regulations is vital for mortgage professionals’ success. Is your mortgage lending business mired in TRID violations? Is your title company struggling to comply with lenders’ demands for disclosures?

ATS Secured can help. In a world where mortgage compliance reigns supreme, where regulators demand audit-ready files, where proving consensus is paramount, our technology empowers you to do just that—and more.

Don’t be intimidated by cinema-worthy drama. We have the tools to help you succeed and thrive in these difficult times. Contact ATS Secured today.

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