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Do You Have the Will to Prepare For Mortgage Regulations?

It’s not the will to win that matters. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.

—Paul “Bear” Bryant

Most of us want to win in our careers, our relationships, our finances, but to push the needle in the right direction, it takes more than that. Without the will to prepare, the will to win doesn’t have any substance behind it. You have to put energy into your dreams to make them a reality.

Yet even the word “dream” can make it all feel impossible. The secret is to start small. If your goal is to run five miles but you haven’t put on running shoes in as many years, don’t quit before you start when you realize it could take you an hour to run five miles … so why bother? Take it one mile—or one lap—at a time. If you make it a routine, you’ll be rewarded with a five-mile run that actually feels good. It’s all in the will to prepare, really.

The Power Of Preparation In Real Estate

ATS Secured believes in the power of preparation. We help mortgage professionals originate loans securely on a single mortgage file where all appropriate entities can access them—for greater accuracy and transparency, and streamlined workflows. Our software also helps lenders and title agents prepare for the possibility of a regulatory audit, and for the ability to sell clean, error-free mortgages to the secondary market.

Contact ATS Secured today to start preparing loans that consumers, regulators and investors will find real value in.


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