Cybersecurity Myth #1: We’re Too Small, Hackers Won’t Bother With Us

This post is #1 in a series called “Don’t Believe These 9 Cybersecurity Tales.”

Is Your Business a Low-Hanging Cyber Target?

Many hackers target small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) because their firewalls are generally not as extensive or up to date. Similar to thieves who break into gas stations or small shops, they figure it’s an easy job.

But we don’t have enough information to make it worth their while, you might be thinking. Maybe not, but many times these hackers are using automation to scale their attacks to a massive level. Your business is lumped together with a bunch of other low-hanging SMEs that individually wouldn’t be worth hacking, but together end up having the same value to cyber criminals as a big business breach.

Is Your Business At Risk To Be Targeted For a Gateway Hack?

There are also hackers who think even bigger than mass-scale attacks. These hackers target SMEs because they want to use them as a gateway to hack a big business.

This is becoming more and more of an issue for big companies. For them, strict cybersecurity is essential for even small vendors they work with. If the vendor has the keys to access any protected data, they could be targeted to by hackers who want that information.

Hacking Tactics Can Include:

  • Attacking the company’s wireless network if not secured properly
  • Calling in and pretending to work for a friend of the owner who needs his/her email password for some arbitrary reason.
  • Walking into the office and finding any unattended computers or smartphones laying around so they can simply upload a corrupting file.

For Cybersecurity, SMEs At the Very Least Need To:

  • Ensure their cybersecurity measures are up to date and compliant with regulatory standards.
  • Train employees to not give out information to persons they cannot validate, and not to pick up USB flash drives off the street and put them in their company desktop to see what is on the drive.

If they do not, big businesses very well could terminate their vendor relationships as a way to protect themselves.

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