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Foldable screens could change the way we interact with data—and they probably won’t come from Apple.

Today, Apple’s digital displays — iPads, iPhones and MacBooks, and now the iPad Pro — rely on syncing between devices. And they may be rendered obsolete when foldable displays come on the market full force.

Imagine not having to choose between a tablet or phone — you could have both in one device that folds or rolls out like a scroll.

The concept of flexible smartphones and tablets has been around for a while, with Samsung championing it with an overload of patents and prototypes. Production has been slower than predicted because of problems with the material’s flexibilityIt has to able to fold over and over again (consider how many times you use your phone every day!), without any sign of wear and tear.

Samsung’s partnership with Solip Technology is helping them solve this problem. Solip has developed a material, Hybrimer, which is a mix between polymer and glass. It looks and feels smooth like glass, but bends with ease and is not damaged by touch. With this partnership, Samsung will likely be able to move forward in developing the first foldable smartphone—think late 2016 to early 2017. Start saving for Christmas now!

So how could Samsung be this far ahead of Apple? The latter has focused on iPhones and iPads for years — and now Apple Music — and typically spends about three percent of its revenue on research and development, while Samsung spends about twice that, year after year. So it’s no surprise that Samsung could pull ahead of its top competitor with technology Apple can’t begin to mimic.

With Samsung’s technology, laptops and desktops could be folded into the size of a smartphone, with the power of a desktop. It’s hard to imagine that a phone could run the same apps as a desktop computer. But this is short-term thinking. The Apollo Guidance Computer that took Neil Armstrong to the moon had 6 megabytes of code and weighed 70 pounds. Today, the iPhone 6s can easily store 2,000 megabytes of RAM (or 2 gigabytes)—and it only weighs 4.55 ounces.

That’s one small digital footprint for man, one giant digital leap for mankind.

Technology is moving fast, and it’s vital we keep up with it. Take a look at the below video by BestReviews, showing the evolution of the desk from the 1980s to today.

Who’s to say that in 40 years the tech in our pockets won’t be as strong as our modern computers, or stronger?

Think of the possibilities. Long documents could be prepared on the go, such as the Closing Disclosure on a house. Or a lawyer’s brief. Or a novel. This technology could even change the way we interact with each other and introduce entirely new functions. This Reflex prototype from LG shows someone “flipping” through a digital book.

The foldable screen could also introduce new interactive experiences:

  • A touch-responsive map as large as a paper Atlas
  • An interactive picture book for children
  • Full-size blueprints
  • A virtual stroll through a store
  • Interactive games, on a screen large enough to appreciate their faces

Once the technology is available to the public, consumers will expect companies to offer experiences on a fold-out, expandable platform.

As a mortgage software company, ATS Secured is always on the lookout for trends that challenge the status quo. The mortgage industry needs technology that makes people’s lives easier and introduces entirely new functions.

For example, any mortgage business—lender, title company, real estate agent or vendor—with an ATS Pro account can store all data they contribute to loan files, and control who has the ability to view said data, and for how long. This cuts down on data entry, and makes it easy to ensure a loan file is accurate since all parties to the loan can update and build consensus on one digital file that they all contribute to. And that’s just one of the ATS Pro features that makes people’s jobs easier.

With mortgage loans under strict oversight from regulators and the secondary market, the industry needs to be as up to date and compliant as possible. The compliance software that makes this possible is available right now. Soon, foldable screens could very well be a part of the solution, too!

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