Webinar: Mortgage Repurchase and Indemnification Demands Including TRID’s Impact

Hear how to deal with new demands on the mortgage industry where lenders are facing challenges based on greater loan analysis and investor scrutiny. These challenges include increased FHA indemnification demands, increased buyback risks, and the impact of the new TILA-RESPA rule.

Amanda Raines Lawrence represents financial institutions in many matters, including federal and state enforcement agency investigations and litigation, regulatory examinations, and corporate internal investigations. She represents financial institutions in reviewing and assessing loan repurchase demands, performing risk assessments of loan portfolios, and handling loan-repurchase litigation.

Melissa Klimkiewicz frequently assists FHA lenders with their initial program applications, annual recertification efforts, compliance with and understanding of program rules and self-reporting obligations, audits by the Quality Assurance Division (QAD), inquiries from HUD’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG), enforcement actions by the Mortgagee Review Board (“MRB”), and handling of indemnification demands.

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