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Give Thanks for Fresh Mortgage Loan Data

As we ready our stomachs for the anticipated Thanksgiving meal this Thursday, I can’t help but remember that one year where I learned the importance of checking ingredients.

Every year on the day after Thanksgiving, I make Thanksgiving leftover soup where I throw everything into a pot and serve it up for my family and friends. That year, I had so much that I put some into a second, small pot that I decided to transform into a cream-style soup. Unfortunately, I neglected to check the expiration on the cream—and it ended up being out of date. Thankfully, I caught the mistake before anyone ate the soup, and I threw it out.

Any cook worth their salt knows that to have good food, you need good ingredients. In much the same way, it is vital to have good, reliable data to make a good loan.

The Importance Of Real Time Loan Information

Real estate agents tend to be the buyers’ and sellers’ highest trusted individual in the mortgage transaction, because often, they spend the most time with consumers. In order to truly do right by the customer, it’s important for real estate agents to get the best, most accurate information and respond to it in a proactive instead of reactive way. Because, no matter how good a real estate agent is at their job, they are dependent on the reliability and accuracy of their information.

The only way to ensure data is “fresh” is to get it directly from the source. In other words, the ability to access real-time information.

Data Security With Real Time Access

The problem is, there is a lot of NPI involved in a real estate transaction. To ensure security, such access to real-time data needs to have specific permissions set and appropriate transparency around it. A platform like ATS Secured can provide such transparency and security.

If real estate agents were part of a system where they could not only see appropriate, real-time data in a mortgage transaction, but contribute as well, they wouldn’t have to worry about information being out of date. They’d have the necessary tools to do what their clients need and want them to do.

Happy Thanksgiving, and make sure to check those expiration dates.

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