Eclosings for homebuyers

Empower Homebuyers With E-Closings

The CFPB recently published an article about their pilot study regarding e-closings. They found three main to-do’s that homebuyers can do during the mortgage process to help increase efficiencies and decrease frustrations.

3 Ways Homebuyers Can Help Streamline the Mortgage Process

1. Ask for more of your closing documents before you get to the closing table

2. Take time to review your closing documents in advance

3. Know about the mortgage process before you owe

However, regulators aren’t the only ones who say that e-closings will help the industry be more successful. Patrick Stone, President and CEO of Williston Financial Group (WFG) and WFG National Title, said in the Spark Conference in March that, “if you had a secure data room and had e-closing you could shorten the time to 21 days.”

It’s time to empower homebuyers-and everyone else involved in a mortgage-with e-closings.

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