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You Don’t Own Your Data

By: Lifehacker

 “You may have privacy laws protecting you from being spied on and copyright laws protecting ownership of content you create, but data doesn’t belong to you just because it’s about you […] If an unseen observer follows you around and writes down every place you visit, does nothing with this information, and you never discover their activities, they have broken no laws. There is no legal concept that states you are the sole proprietor and owner of the information regarding your life and that the mere collection of this information is a violation of your rights.”

What companies do with your personal data has been a topic of hot debate for years. Who owns that data? Legally, no one. Problems around this lack of data ownership have only escalated in recent years with the ubiquity of smartphones, e-commerce, social media and other online tools we use without a thought to share personal information. As the problem has grown, a solution is needed more than ever.

ATS Secured Empowers You To Own Your Data

The good news: sometimes the simplest solutions are the ones that work. So, how about a system where individuals own data about themselves and they get to choose who to share that data with and even the amount of time they would like the information to be shared. Then we won’t have to worry about strangers curating our data for reasons unknown to us.

On the ATS Secured platform, individuals not only own their own data but also store their data in a secure, online vault and control who has access to the information.

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