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Own Your Online Identity

No one should have the keys to your information—except for you.

The concept of ownership is one that has motivated the American economy since it was born. Owning a home is considered one of the major benchmarks in achieving the American dream. There is something inherently attractive about having control over the material things in one’s life, to make it “yours.” Just think about Apple’s products: iPad, iPhone, iPod. Our culture values ownership to a high degree.

So Why Don’t We Think About Owning Our Online Data?

People have representations of themselves online in every way imaginable, from work portfolios to dating preferences. Much of a background check is based on what can be found out about us online. It could be said that the search bar knows more about some of us than our significant other does.

Companies Can Access Our Data Without Our Knowledge

All of this data about us is, technically, ours. But companies are able to access it and use it for their gain. Social networking sites can sell the information they collect from our account or use it for their own purposes, as with the controversial “emotional study” Facebook conducted in June 2014. Search engines can access our online searches and sell them to companies, who then tailor their marketing ads to us specifically. This goes back to the old adage, “if you aren’t paying, you’re the product.” Essentially, by agreeing to use these “free” services, we—or, more accurately, our online presence—become what they sell.

The problem with this is, most companies use and/or sell the personal information they gather without our knowledge and/or permission, and therefore make large profits on our ignorance.

Companies ask for the person’s email or phone number, but never specify what they will do with it. People provide the information because they don’t understand how valuable their personal information really is and that they are essentially giving it away for free.

As more and more people use the Internet, the possibility of our private information being sold and/or used without our knowledge grows. This act of our personal data being taken in such a manner goes beyond a simple invasion of privacy. It is a new kind of theft, and it needs to be stopped.

ATS Secured Gives You the Keys To Your Online Identity

The ATS Secured platform empowers you with the controls to manage it and give it out to those you trust. Anything you might enter online is kept secure on our platform. We do not sell your information to third parties and we do not use it for our own gain. Our technology puts your information in a vault that only you can access—not even us, unless you give us access. You decide:

  • What is seen
  • Who gets to see it
  • How long they get to see it

With ATS Secured, You Can Verify Your Information’s Accuracy.

How many people have ever looked at their background report? How do you know if it is accurate? Statistically speaking, it may not be.

Background checks can be a frustrating process for everyone involved. The public database abounds with erroneous information—even court records can be inaccurate at times. There are thousands of John Smiths in the world with the same birthday. Googling your name can bring a frightening news story to the surface that you are not associated with. The agencies supplying background checks are in the midst of a whirlwind of data that, if not scrutinized, can hurt not only the potential employee that they are vetting, but their company’s reputation as well. This process is a naturally opposing one, where the agencies are one side of a line and the job applicants are on the other.

A job applicant armed with a copy of their background check and the data contained therein with the ability to dispute inaccurate information will result in much less confusion. After all, who is better at verifying a person’s identity than that person?

On the ATS Secured platform, you have the capability to verify your background check information and show evidence that it is up to date. A background check is just one of the many instances where having your data kept safe and up to date would save you time, stress and money.

You shouldn’t have to worry who has keys to your personal and sometimes even your financial information. No one should own your online data—but you.

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