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Plan Your Mortgage Like You’d Plan a Wedding

Many girls dream about their wedding for years, sometimes decades in advance. And though the event itself is exciting, it can be wearying, drawn out and inefficient to get everything ready.

Social media is helping to ease some of the frustration around planning a big event. With Pinterest every detail can be stored in one place, and these details can be “pinned” or saved, years in advance. There are other sites that do this as well, such as, or

Since the advent and rise of these social media sites I have heard many married couples proclaim, “I wish Pinterest was around for our wedding. We could have arranged everything so far in advance; it would have been so much easier!”

Why Can’t There Be a Better Process For Home Buying, Too?

Even more important (and expensive) in married couples’ lives than a wedding is a home. For most Americans, buying a home will be the biggest investment they make their entire lives. And many may not realize that buying a house can take even longer than planning a wedding.

Why is it, then, that there are no methods in place that allow homebuyers to arrange their preferences in advance? Things are getting better with websites like Zillow and Homesnap, but from beginning to end there hasn’t been real innovation in the home buying process in years.

ATS Secured is changing this. Of course, our platform is significantly more complex than a social media site. However, the basic premise has similar attributes: the ability to plan in advance and communicate in an efficient and secure manner.

How We Make Mortgages More Efficient, Streamlined and Secure

1) Mortgage Information is Filled Out Once.

One loan file is shared with relevant parties and not entered countless times on paper. This eliminates the need for the data entry process to be flawless.

2) Certain Information Can Be Filled Out Well In Advance.

With our secure mortgage network where everyone owns the data on themselves, certain information can be pulled automatically once approved by the data owner. This significantly reduces stress and worry for every party involved. This will eliminate frustrating issues such as waiting for a single entity to provide information and finding out they weren’t informed about it in the first place.

3) Any Changes Made to Official Documents Can Be Tracked By Time, Date and Person.

This will help to mitigate fraud, speed up the entire process and improve the overall experience for everyone involved.

Buying a home should not be a chaotic, rushed, confusing event. It should be deliberated on and planned out. Instead of a dreadful experience, it should be streamlined and easy for everyone involved. So before you say “I do” to the current mortgage closing process, consider ATS Secured.

Want to make your mortgage process easier and more accurate? Contact ATS Secured today.

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