Financial transactions monitoring

The Need for Financial Transaction Monitoring

It is very dangerous, especially in a big city, to let small children play in a public place unsupervised. Just the idea can make parents cringe. Most toddlers don’t have the ability to gauge a person’s trustworthiness. They just like ice cream.

Trust in the Financial Industry Needs to be Earned

Sketchy individuals aren’t always easy to spot for adults, either. In today’s technologically advanced world, it isn’t difficult for fraudsters and thieves to pose as an honorable company. There are collaborative networks that help to find highly rated individuals; however, even these require a degree of trust that isn’t scalable. You cannot scale a trust-based network beyond your trusted network. If you don’t know someone, you can’t rate him or her on their general good standing.

The Missing Piece in Financial Networks

Beyond that, there is an essential piece missing to these collaborative networks: a safe, verified network that facilitates actual financial transactions. In other words, to agree on what needs to be done is not enough; you need to be able to facilitate the complete transaction from start to finish.

ATS Secured is the Secure Business Environment Everyone Needs

That’s why ATS Secured is so much more than your average “collaborative, safe platform”: it’s a secure business environment. With our agnostic technology, we don’t touch the money itself, but instead put controls around the payments, locking down disbursements until all appropriate parties agree on every aspect of the transaction, then follow it through to the end.

Each individual in the ATS Secured network is also vetted on various levels, depending on how they choose to use the platform. You can see, for each individual and organization in your network, who has had what level of vetting.

In today’s world, children aren’t the only ones being tricked into trusting sketchy individuals. You should know and be able to scale the trust level of the individuals and organizations in your business network. You should rest assured that you know exactly where your money is, and that it will end up where you sent it.

Want to make your mortgage process easier and more accurate? Contact ATS Secured today.

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