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How to Avoid Cyber “Atomic Bombs” in the Workplace

A cyber attack could mean the end of a companies’ world as they know it. Preparing for such an assault is just as important, if not more, than preparing for a physical one. The easiest way to rob a bank in the modern world is to do so from a computer.

Unfortunately, many companies aren’t properly equipped for such attacks and, consequently, are dealing with the fallout from breaches in their security system.

To prevent a cybersecurity apocalypse, employee education has to be a priority.

Uninformed people have more potential to damage a company than those with malicious intent as they generally have more initial access to confidential information. If ignorance is compounded by the person being afraid to ask questions, it can be an extremely damaging combination. Whether it’s an adobe flash or a java update, employees need to know that they shouldn’t do it unilaterally.

Clicking open one infected email to or visiting one unsafe site can lock a security system down. These people aren’t necessarily trying to be deceitful in disobeying safety rules, but their ignorance can create the same or even worse results. For example, they could bring software that they used from home into the office that’s full of viruses they’re unaware of. This kind of unintentional attack can infect the bank’s network very quickly and cost them greatly.

An accidentally fired nuclear warhead will do just as much damage as one that is purposefully fired.

If people are aware of the damage a virus or malware can cause, not just to a business but to their personal lives, then they would be simply be more cautious. Instilling that cautiousness in an employee or coworker might mean a safety seminar every few months, but that one seminar is likely to save a lot of headaches in the long run.

Best Practice to Educate Employees For Online Protection

Conducting seminars a few times a year works well for general education about security. However, since technology is always evolving, employees also need to be briefed on new techniques a hacker could use as these techniques are realized. Hackers are always looking for new methods to slip around firewalls and they don’t hesitate to swindle those who are unprepared.

Implementing this education in a practical way needs to start at the managerial level and work its way down. Many times, companies are breached because they don’t have the right policies in place. If the IT department doesn’t communicate the necessary regulations to its company supervisors, the supervisors are not going to pass on or educate the regulations to their subordinates. This kind of trickle down education system needs to be done at least a couple times a year, reiterating the policies and procedures over again.

Companies need to be prepared for the hackers and uninformed employees that could trigger such an event in their business. Security awareness education for employees, on a regular basis, is essential for every business’s survival.

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