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To Eat Healthy or Save Money? It May No Longer Be a Question

Whenever I go to the store, I feel as if there are two types of food: healthy, expensive food or unhealthy, cheap food. Unfortunately, old habits die hard and I go with the latter because I like saving money more than eating healthy.

Plant Catalog for Healthy Eating

Hampton Creek’s CEO, Josh Tetrick, has a dream to revolutionize the food industry by creating the world’s largest plant catalog.

By making a plant catalog that’s larger than most, farmers could choose to grow plants that make healthier foods while maintaining a cheaper price. A plant that has the potential to reduce sugar amounts but keep the sweetness many love so much was discovered but isn’t quite on the market yet.

It is plants like these that Tetrick wants to empower the American people with, so that we no longer will have to choose between our budget and our health.

Healthy Solutions for the Mortgage Industry

The people at my company, ATS Secured, also want to revolutionize the status quo. The mortgage industry desperately needs transparency and efficiency. Hampton Creek approached the problem that healthy food is generally more expensive with a different sort of thinking, a fresh solution. That is the kind of thinking we want to bring to the mortgage industry.

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