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Radical Designs for Better Cities Part Three

In this final installment of Radical Designs for Better Cities, there are three innovative solutions that could help transform modern cities for the better.

Three Innovative City Designs

Bike Paths Unhindered By Traffic

Right now, most American cities are arranged in a way that only accommodates one mode of transit: cars. Bike paths are a good addition, but usually cross major intersections where accidents tend to occur. Organizing paths so that citizens can walk or bike across the entire metropolitan area without being hindered by vehicle traffic would create a smoother, safer city.

Smaller Cars Take Up Less Parking

Cars themselves take up a lot of real estate as well. At the Graduate School for Green Transportation at KAIST in South Korea, they developed a small car that folds up when it parks, so that it takes up about one-seventh of the space as a conventional car. They also intend to use these cars for mass transit, so that more people use each car.

Space-Saving Apartments

Apartments could save space as well. In his TED Talk, Kent Larson says that his lab has been working on robotic walls, transforming each living space into different settings. The living room could change into the dining room, a bedroom or a dance studio. Though the apartment is tiny, it has the same quality as a pop-up picture book. In a normal-sized 14 unit apartment complex, you could fit 28 units.

We shouldn’t be frozen in the 1800’s way of thinking. We are no longer confined to the same kind of thinking to solve these problems, whether it’s overcrowding urban centers or security and efficiency when buying a house. Cities are where many of us spend the overwhelming majority of our lives. The solution isn’t just fitting more people into a finite space, but making better uses out of the space we have.

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