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Diamonds Could be a Cancer Patient’s Best Friend

It may seem strange that a company trying to reinvent the mortgage closing process would write about diamonds and cancer treatment. But at ATS Secured, we are always on the lookout for innovation, in any industry.

And as it turns out, diamonds may be far more valuable than anyone thought possible. More than a sparkling symbol of love or wealth, they could hold the key to stopping cancer before it spreads.

Just the Word “Cancer” Is Pervasive

Cancer is a powerful and pervasive word in our society. Most of us know someone who has been affected by the disease. The word itself is like a disease due to the way it spreads fear, anxiety and emotional pain. According the World Health Organization, annual cancer cases will rise from 14 million in 2012 to 22 million within the next two decades—a 57 percent increase!

Today’s medical science is often inadequate for stopping the progression of cancers. The disease starts when breakaway cells turn into micro-metastatic tumors, which in turn can lead to cancer. Ideally, these tumors would be discovered as soon as they form so they can be treated when they are least pervasive. There have been some forays into this idea using fluorescent dye and quantum dots, but there are limitations such as losing signal and even being toxic to the body.

Diamonds Could Be a Breakthrough Cancer Treatment

But Dr. Ambika Brumb, an Oxford graduate in biomedical engineering, has developed a method that takes an innovative approach to the problem.

She discovered how to create a fluorescent, reflective light inside the body with crushed, imperfect diamonds, according to an article on Techcrunch by Sarah Buhr. The diamonds shine a light on molecular abnormalities that are normally impossible to see. These nanodiamonds, or Bikanta diamonds, also have magnetic properties that improve the signal-to-background ratio. So far, they have been used to find lymph nodes in conventional imaging, which was not possible before.

Because of their ability to “remain separate but stable in liquid suspension and … be tightly bound to any targeting agent (e.g. aptamers, antibodies) … ” these diamonds may also prove to destroy cancer, not just detect it, according to Buhr’s article.

We Applaud These Types of Innovation

ATS Secured has developed a method in our industry that reminds us of Bikanta’s diamonds, illuminating problems and making it easier to solve them. With mortgage closings, we saw a process that confused and frustrated the people involved. The lack of transparency, efficiency and security was astounding to us, so we decided we could make things better for everyone — lenders, title companies and agents, realtors and other vendors, buyers, and sellers—with a transparent process that eliminates mistakes, fraud and confusion.

Using diamond dust to discover tumors before they turn cancerous has world-changing potential, and we believe our technology does, too. We’re excited to see where both Brumb’s research and ATS Secured’s illumination of the mortgage closing process will lead.

Perhaps diamonds will become more valuable, not because they are sparkly and rare, but because they have the power to destroy disease. They could be a cancer patient’s best friend.

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