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Americans Look To Tiny Homes Part Three

Tiny spaces, radically reinvented. The tiny home movement has swept over the nation. Even a TV show was made about it.

In parts one and two of this series, we covered the reasons people chose tiny over average-sized homes and tips in making the most of a tiny home. Now, let’s talk benefits.

Tiny Home Living: The Benefits

Small Amount of Debt

The benefits of living in a tiny home are attractive to those who can’t afford the mortgage payments of an average home. According to the United States Census Bureau,  the average cost of a normal-sized house is $272,000. When a 4.25% interest rate is compounded with that number on a 30-year loan it climbs to $481,704.

Compare that to the average cost of a tiny home: $23,000.

Tiny Home Traveling

Tiny homes benefit more people than those just looking to save money. Many times these tiny homes are built on wheels, making them perfect for those who love to travel. Just imagine the joy of never having to pack before a trip because you get to take your whole house with you. You’ll never have another excuse to forget anything again!

Bigger is not always better. People looking to simplify their lives revel in the tiny house movement—the homes leave no room for clutter. ATS Secured supports this kind of radical thinking. The kind of thinking that might upset the customary way of doing things and replacing it with a new, restructured process.

Limiting yourself has an incredible effect of making you think in a clearer, more innovative way to overcome any limitations. Tiny homes are not amazing because they are small. Tiny homes are amazing because they have completely revamped the idea of maximizing a house into its greatest potential.

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