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Americans Look To Tiny Homes Part Two

Trying to imagine all of your necessary belongings in a 100 square foot area can really tax your imagination. In “Americans Look To Tiny Homes Part One,” we covered the reasons that people have been turning to tiny homes instead of the typical American dream, the mansion.

These reasons vary from a substantially smaller price to adopting the minimalistic perspective that one doesn’t need many material belongings to lead a fulfilled life. While the huge decrease in square footage seems to limit livability, the plethora of space-saving designs that have emerged combat that notion.

Here Are a Few Tips Tiny Homeowners Have Put Forth:

1. Identify What You Need In Your Tiny Home

Being intentional about how you utilize space is crucial in a tiny home. For example, if you work from home, you will want to have an office space. Whatever your particular requirements are for you to love where you live need to be considered in your building plans.

2. Use Vertical Space To Create More Room

Make the roof as high as possible. Lofts create a second area that can add much more space than you might imagine. In addition, high windows allow for more sunlight and produce the illusion of a larger home.

3. Avoid Unnecessary Dividers So the Space Doesn’t Feel Tiny

The more partitions you have, the more cramped your home will feel. Think of ways to integrate multiple functions into one area. For instance, the living room and office don’t have to be separate rooms. Simply find a couch with a back that folds down into a tabletop and, voilà, you have a multifunctional space.

4. Keep Space Uncluttered Above Waist Height

By avoiding upper cabinets and drawers, you can help foster the illusion of openness in such a small area.

All of these tips are focused on being purposeful about how your home is structured and organized. For more information regarding tiny homes, tune back in next week for the installment of “Americans Look To Tiny Homes.”

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